Command Signing

End to End mTLS encryption for Commands

Tesla has started using end to end mTLS encryption for sensitive vehicle commands. Support for this feature varies, and you can check this for your vehicle in the Teslemetry console under Command Sign.

Command Signing requires the Teslemetry virtual key be installed, as this is used as the client certificate in the mutual TLS connection.

By default, Teslemetry will not use command signing unless its required by your vehicle and the command requires signing.

Commands that do not support command signing

  • clear_pin_to_drive_admin
  • erase_user_data
  • media_next_fav
  • media_next_track
  • media_prev_fav
  • media_prev_track
  • media_toggle_playback
  • media_volume_down
  • navigation_gps_request
  • navigation_request
  • navigation_sc_request
  • remote_auto_steering_wheel_heat_climate_request
  • remote_boombox
  • speed_limit_clear_pin_admin
  • sun_roof_control
  • take_drivenote
  • upcoming_calendar_entries
  • window_control