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Where Teslemetry can be used

Teslemetry enables you to connect a wide variety of automation and data analytics platforms to your Tesla products. Here are some things you can do:

Home Assistant

Teslemetry was built for Home Assistant, and offers the most comprehensive Home Assistant integration for Tesla Products. See the Home Assistant section for more details.

Splunk HTTP Event Collector

Teslemetry <3 Splunk, so we built a webhook format specifically for Splunk's HTTP Event Collector format, allowing you to send the realtime updates from Tesla Fleet Telemetry to your Splunk, Cribl, Humio and any other platform that supports the format.


Teslemetry has a open source Python 3 library that enables you to easily interact with the Fleet API or listen for Fleet Telemetry events.


If you need further assistance, you can ask questions in our Discord community, or email support.