Access Type

You permissions level for a Tesla Vehicle

Tesla has three different levels of access to a vehicle, and this impacts what you will be able to do in Teslemetry.


Each vehicle has a single Tesla account marked as its owner. This has full access and no restrictions.


When a vehicle is shared by the OWNER to another account, you get DRIVER access. This is also common when the vehicle has been leased in European countries and the leasing company has retained OWNER permissions.

Unfortunately with the DRIVER permission you are unable to install the virtual key or configure Fleet Telemetry. Most of the Fleet API will still work except for commands, which depends on your vehicles Command Signing requirement. To fix this you will need to ask the owner to add the Virtual Key.


This is the lowest privilege level, and you will be significantly restricted with what your able to do in Teslemetry. Guess access is typically used for temporary access by an untrusted guest.