Home Assistant


The most comprehensive Tesla integration in Home Assistant

The Home Assistant integration is still in development, and is actively being merged into Home Assistant Core. Using the custom integration is recommend to get the most features and bug fixes.

Core Integration

The core integration is available in Home Assistant by default, with most functionality added in version 2024.6. It's documentation is available at home-assistant.io/integrations/teslemetry. This is the recommended integration for new users with Home Assistant 2024.6 and later.

Custom Integration

Install with HACS

The custom integration is the most comprehensive with every possible command, and support for realtime telemetry. It can be installed manually or using HACS, and it's documentation can be found at on the next page.

A note on automations

When making service calls in automations, its possible that the API call will fail for a variety of reasons, which will stop your automation. For example, turning switch.*_charge on will throw an error if the vehicle is already charging. In these cases you should include logic to avoid making the unnecessary API call, or add continue_on_error: true.