Getting Started


Your Tesla products and APIs, all in one place.

The console is your primary interface to the Teslemetry service. It shows the Tesla products Teslemetry has access to, create Access Tokens, change scopes, and delete your account.

Every time you load the console, you will be prompted to setup the Virtual Key if its missing.


Shows each vehicle you have access to in your Tesla account.

Vehicle Actions

  • Vehicle Data - Runs a basic API query to show basic details about the vehicle
  • Telemetry - Opens the Telemetry configuration page. The icon shows if Telemetry is active on this vehicle.

Vehicle Values

  • Access Type - Shows the level of access you have to this vehicle. Can be OWNER, DRIVER, or GUEST.
  • Command Sign - Shows if this vehicle supports or requires command signing for certain API commands. Can be OFF, ALLOWED, or REQUIRED.

If you have DRIVER access, you will also be shown:

  • Virtual Key - Shows if the Teslemetry virtual key has been successfully installed in this vehicle. Learn More
  • Firmware - The software version running on your vehicle according to the fleet status endpoint.

Energy Sites

Shows each energy site you have access to in your Tesla account.

Energy Site Actions

  • Site Info - Runs a basic API query to show the energy site's information.
  • Live Status - Runs a basic API query to show the energy site's live status.

Energy Site Values

  • Grid - Shows if the energy site has grid data
  • Battery - Shows if the energy site has any Powerwalls
  • Solar - Shows if the energy site has Solar
  • Wall Connectors - Shows how many Wall Connectors


Depending on the status of your subscription, this is where you can start or manage your subscription to Teslemetry. Using webhooks with Fleet Telemetry does not require a subscription.

  • Add Subscription - Picking between your local currency and USD, and your preferred billing cycle.
  • Subscription - Update billing details, pause/unpause or cancel your subscription.
  • Restart Subscription - Cancelled subscriptions can be restarted similar to starting a new subscription.
  • Subscription (Stripe) - Manage a legacy Stripe subscription or migrate to Paddle

Access Tokens

An Access Token is required to make API and SSE calls to Teslemetry, as they uniquely and securely identify your account. You can create up to 10 access tokens, and remove them at any time. Adding and removing access token takes effect immediately.


Allows you to see what scopes you have provided Teslemetry in your test account, change them on Tesla's website, and refresh them by logging in again.


The delete button simply redirects you to the delete page, which explains the process of deleting your account and data.