Privacy Policy

Last Updated 9 May 2024

Data we collect

The following is a list of information collected to operate this service.

  • Your name, email address, and profile photo url registered with Tesla (if you provide the user_data scope).
  • Tesla unique id (UID), OAuth access token, refresh token, expiration, approved scopes, and server region (North America or Europe).
  • Vehicle Identification Numbers, display names, access type, the status of the virtual key, and command signing requirement.
  • Energy site IDs, and their components such as solar, batteries, and wall connectors.
  • Your Stripe / Paddle customer identifier and current subscription status.
  • All configuration you enter into the Teslemetry console, such as telemetry fields and webhooks.

Data we share

We share you email address (if we have it) with Paddle during checkout for prefill. If you have a Paddle subscription your Paddle customer ID is shared with Paddle when you logged in. If you click a Teslemetry advertisement on Reddit, we will tell Reddit if you sign up and if you subscribe, along with a hashed UID.


Teslemetry does not use first party cookies. However third party services we interact with might, such as:

  • Tesla authentication will have cookies associated with .tesla.com.

Third party processors

You can delete your Teslemetry account and data at teslemetry.com/delete. You can revoke access to your Tesla account at auth.tesla.com.