The most comprehensive Tesla integration in Home Assistant

Create complex charging schedules, charge from excess solar, automate your garage or gate, manage your Powerwall export, and more using the power and flexibility of Home Assistant combined with Teslemetry's global API platform.

A community of Tesla automation enthusiasts

Teslemetry users charge their vehicles with solar to reduce grid power, open their garage doors on arrival for convenience, and control Powerwall import and export to maximize returns.

Blueprint Library
Browse and contribute to a library of automation ideas and blueprints.
Discord Community
Join our Discord server to chat with other users and get ideas.

Used over 50 million times and counting

Teslemetry is used by people like you to get data from their Tesla products and take control with vehicle and energy commands.

Global API servers
Highly available global load balancing for fast and reliable service.
Webhooks and Server Sent Events
Stream data from your vehicles to anywhere using Webhooks and SSE.

What does Teslemetry do?

Teslemetry is not a data analytics or automation platform, rather it connects data analytic and automation platforms to your Tesla products.

Tesla Fleet API Access

Query data and send commands to your Tesla vehicles or energy products.

Tesla Fleet Telemetry Access

Choose which fields and frequency fields will stream directly from your vehicle to Teslemetry.

Managed Authentication

Your Tesla access tokens are stored securely and refreshed automatically.


Send Fleet Telemetry data anywhere using Webhooks, with support for custom headers and multiple formats.

Server Sent Events

Consume Fleet Telemetry data from multiple sources in real time using persistent HTTPS connections.

Open Source Libraries

Apache 2.0 licensed libraries to use Teslemetry, the Fleet API, and compatible APIs like Tessie.

Feature Comparison

Teslemetry is for those who want full control over their data and automation. Here's how it compares to other great products.

Price$24 USD / year$150 USD / year$50 USD / yearN/A
Tesla Fleet APIFull AccessFull AccessNoneDIY
Tesla Fleet TelemetryFull AccessUsedNot yetDIY
Home AssistantSupportedThird party supportedData push onlyNo
AutomationDIYLimitedCharging and BatteryNo
Mobile AppHome AssistantYesYesYes
Realtime AnalysisDIY / Home AssistantYesYesYes
Historical DataDIY / Home AssistantYesYesYes
Charge on SolarDIYNoYesWith Powerwall
Public RoadmapYesNoYesMaster Plan
Feature RequestsYesRedditYes@ElonMusk

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